End Of Trip Facilities

With more and more people cycling or running to work and needing somewhere to shower and change into fresh clothes before starting their day, we realised the importance of offering End Of Trip facilities to our clients. If you want to go for a run in nearby Kings Park, play a game of tennis or are part of a lunchtime sporting team then you will love having this facility at your disposal.

As an employer looking to attract the best staff then offering secure bike parking and excellent, secure End Of Trip facilities is certainly something that prospective employees may consider.

This purpose-built area has been designed with a pathway leading right up to a security sliding door for ease of access away from the normal business entrance of the building, allowing you to change in comfort and then leave all of your belongings, if required, in the lockers provided. There is a direct secure access from this area into the 2nd floor of the building.

Here are the facilities available;

There is a security card system to monitor access into this area to protect your bicycle and belongings. Access is only given on request and your building swipe card is activated accordingly.

Secure wall and floor mounted bicycle racks.

Ladies and Gents showers and toilets.

Changing rooms and lockers, together with ironing facilities.

A drying room for your wet clothes.

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